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Pennsylvania Nonprofit Helping to End Child Trafficking

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Why Blackbriar?

A briar is a thorny plant like a rose or blackberry that cuts and stings, causing pain and irritation. 

This is what we are to the monsters that exploit children: the constant pain, the constant sting, that painful irritation that just won't go away. 

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Our​ mission

Supporting law enforcement is crucial in the fight against child trafficking. Sometimes the heroes need our help. Budgets often fall short when it comes to the specialized training needed to combat child trafficking. By picking up where funding falls short, we ensure local law enforcement receives the adequate training needed to protect our children. We also gather data needed to better pinpoint geographical areas that need the most help and raise community awareness. 

Achieving our goals

We will be holding charitable events at different locations throughout the year. Currently, we are gathering data to pinpoint areas at-risk for child trafficking. Our goal is not only to raise money, but to also be efficient and transparent with where it is going. We will zero in on identified at-risk areas to determine what funding, if any, is available to train and educate the professionals acting as our first line. As they are finalized, our events will be posted online. We also sell T-shirts produced in-house to limit production cost and maximize proceed impact. These sales will provide steady funding for law enforcement between events.
Your support is key in helping us make a difference.

Blackbriar Promise

To the children:  

We promise to no longer look the other way. To never again be too busy. To never forget or ignore.
We promise to work tirelessly to spread your stories and raise awareness of crimes against you.
Finally, we promise to fully support our heroes who will soon be on their way to save you from your pain. 

Be strong, help is on the way